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Since we began operations in 2001, R&E Concrete Works has been committed to offering honesty, commitment and a high degree of trust to our clients.

For this we use state-of-the-art technology and we have the necessary standards and certifications in civil concrete constructions.

Our work and effort during the last twenty years has helped us to establish ourselves as a leading company in the residential and commercial concrete industry.

We cover 50 mile outside of Kansas City, KS. Our team made up of professionals and qualified operators trained in service values. Our team has access to ongoing training and continuous improvement that allow us to provide the best quality in our services. This is essential in tasks that require intense logistical coordination. R&E Concrete Works is an excellent alternative.

Ramon Hernandez, Owner of R&E Concrete Works


Ramon Hernandez

Ramon Hernandez, owner of R&E Concrete Works, offers a wealth of experience to this company. R&E Concrete Works is a close team and our commitment to the craft showcases that. Our goal is to design, build, and execute infrastructure that works to contribute efficient and sustainable improvements. R&E Concrete Works is an excellent alternative!

Eduardo Calles, Owner of R&E Concrete Works


Eduardo Calles

Eduardo Calles, co-owner of R&E Concrete Works, is dedicated to this craft. After 20 years in the industry I am confident R&E Concrete Works can handle any project you got, big or small. Thank you for trusting us with your concrete needs. We're dedicated to customer satisfaction and getting the job done right every time.



The R&E Concrete Works business was born with the purpose of providing a quality service to residents and commercial entities related to the world of concrete services. The team is committed to the growing knowledge of our craft, respect for the environment and civil constructions, and dedicated to being the best alternative for concrete finishes in civil constructions in our coverage area, providing an excellent service to each of our clients.

We always seek quality and efficiency

We are a team of specialized professionals

We operate with moral and ethical integrity.

We are committed to the job personally and collectively

With transparency & professionalism, we're here to serve

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